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Barbara Cohen
Miller Druck Specialty Contracting Inc.
BITT trained our marble setters and marble masonswho are now as good as the best trained & skilled workers in the world. BITT's Training curriculum for workers to test their skills and knowledge is world best. I always recommend BITT for the training of un-skilled and semi-skilled workers. All the very best to BITT team and good luck.
Richard Shirley
Kerzner International Resorts
BITT offered us the top Quality workers for our several projects. Those workers were fully trained and capable of handling all types of situations. On behalf of Kerzner International I would like to thank BITT’s complete team for providing us the top quality workers for our projects.
Welcome to BITT
Brentford Institute of Technical Training provides vocational training to candidates in the construction industry. Our focus is on all types of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical construction projects. Key difference in our offering is that our clients ONLY PAY FOR CANDIDATES WHO PASS THE FINAL TEST.

BITT, in partnership with TAFE (Technical and Further Education of Australia) imparts training to tradesman, charge hands, foreman and supervisors. BITT provides Accommodation, Food and Medical in a camp like environment, where strict discipline is maintained.

Our team includes training engineers and foreman who have Middle East Experience. This is most critical because our trainers have worked in world class projects, where only the highest level of quality is accepted. Projects such as Atlantis, Plam Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa have taught our trainers what international standard of quality really is. This allows our trainers to bridge the gap between the current skills and required skills of tradesman.
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